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Welcome to Coastal Paws Creative's beach!

I'm Erin and I'm the heart and soul behind this venture, driven by a deep love for the tranquil beaches, pets, and graphic design. Coastal Paws Creative was born from the desire to blend these passions into unique, creative products that bring joy and inspiration to your life.

With expertise in graphic design, e-commerce, retail, marketing, and photography, I bring a wealth of expertise to every project. I lived on Martha's Vineyard for a few years and though I no longer live on the island, the love of the beach and the experiences I've gathered along the way are always with me, infusing every creation with a touch of coastal charm.

At Coastal Paws Creative, whether you're navigating the business seas or seeking to sprinkle some creativity into your everyday life, we're here to enrich your journey. So, grab your digital surfboard—and maybe even your pet—and join us as we ride the waves of creativity together!